I was manufactured
by injection moulding technique
by a Co. of 2 individuals
Alex Dantas & Rosy Dantas [my parents]
on the 5th of November 1978
exactly after 9 months they said
"I DO" (doers they were)

But not gOOd plaNNers (no negativity intended)
But necessary for you to know
coz that's what i gueSS made me
what I'm today.

My dad had no bank balance / property
& thus worked hard to keep his 3 children moving.
They told me when i was a kid i was very hyper-active (stiLL am)
& used to bang my hands / head on the ground
[putting those tOOls to bad use]
Thus they gave me crayons right from the beginning
to distract me. The most colourful / inspiring things to me.
that i used to colour my 220 sq ft home [my canvas]
That's still my home where we still pay rent.
Was not fortunate to read books / novels / mags
dad couldn't afford it. Moms a house-wife.
Infact i was fortunate as i had no favourite heros / idols / authors / inspirations
But ya my dad could take me by feet to all the places he went
& i was observing. (unlucky other rich kids moving in their UVcoated cars who didn't see much)
i know Bombay so very well that i could earn a living being a Guide to the tourist.
I just LOVE BOMBAY [its in my blOOd]
V.T., Gateway, Local trains, taxis, BEST Buses, People of diFFerent caste,
Chowpatty, Horse Tonga, malabar HiLL, the rich ppl there,
vintage cars, old parsi antiques, chor-bazaar, street art, film posters,
signage's at time was handcrafted, the speed, the air, noise,
so much colour. I was absorbing aLL of that.
I could only sketch / paint at home
They then realised that im an artist
so was taken to art galleries / museums ...
more colours, got inspired
Thought that MFHussain, Raza, Bava, MarioMiranda were there greatest
But never wanted to be them. They were not anyone else. They were them.
started even imitating art that i liked whilst i was a kid modifying it with my style / stroke.
i stopped going to art galleries as it was getting to commercialized
& ppl sold canvases that they wiped their used brushes which they caLLed abstract masterpieces.
I hated that. so in my adolescence I switched to magazines. know why. Cindy Crawford was my favourite.
I maybe learned elements of form there more than i learned at NID - Ahmedabad
& Ya I'm sure thats how i got my naughtier side active. [shows in my work na]
i have a pile of aLL my old paintings with dates stiLL.
now expenses were getting high / school fees / dads drinking
i started making commercial paintings (ganeshas / jesus & mary...) in my style ofcourse.
& sold it for peanuts during Diwali / Christmas...
Dad expired in an aCCident in 1999 (he was only 48)
i had to work & coLLege together (Sir JJ SchOOL of Art) Interior Design.
Thus was in bad bOOks with those bias profs there [not all]
as i most of the time did work outside to make the money
they never knew that i had lost my Dad. I didn't want them to know.
Didn't nEEd sympathy.
What was my Job:
i worked in a Christian Cemetery
designing monuments for the dead
making alternatives for the church layouts
But primarily job was to paint the RIP wooden crosses.
I got Rs. 20/- per cross. thus waited for 5 ppl to die to make a 100 rupEEs.
my boSS (a very nice person) felt guilty abt my situation
& oFFered me my oFFicial salary of 1,300/-
i could pay my sem fEEs Rs.90 only as i was getting scholarship at JJs
i wasn't aware of Design as a subject then
But fiLLed the mandatory NID application form.
And got selected. But we never had the money for that education.
But as only 10 students were selected for the course at NID from aLL over india
it was a sign / caLLing
& i decided that if i could make the initial amount before the due date to join NID
it'LL be my destiny to join. And it was. I got a lotta help from my friends, family & that cemetery boss.
And took a huge loan form the bank. That I'm stiLL paying back.
How at times i wished i was RICH. But I'm sure I wouldn't be me
so im so haPPy. satisfied / complete & graduaLLy geTTing there>>>
I have No limits...I feel i have just one life. I was not responsible for my Birth nor my day of death.
But what i have in betwEEn is mine & as long as i have it. I'm goNNa extract every bit ouTTa it.
& give back / leave egs. as weLL.